We offer inexpensive websites:
Setup with wordpress  or drupal
Hosting by godaddy

Content management systems that make it easy for you to update your site by yourself!

Wordpress offers thousands of free templates!

Get started with a simple 5 page site,

Click here for a simple example

Over time your site can grow, click here to see a bigger site

Click here to see an in between site

youtube video embeds, picasa photo slideshow embeds, pdf embeds to display your Word Docs/ Fliers, simple Search Engine Optimization, Facebook and social media integration

Windows Virus Removal:
We'll search and clean your harddrive, it should help!

Windows Program Cleanse:
We'll remove programs you don't use, didn't install, and spy on you!
Registry fixes, and free anti viral software

Physical Cleaning:
We'll air clean your desktop or laptop, get the dust bunnies out!

Data Recovery:
Delete the wrong file by mistake? Harddrive stop working? No backup? We may be able to help you recover those much needed files.

Backup Solutions:
Learn how to mirror your harddrive, and backup data on usb sticks! A computer without a backup is like a car without breaks.

Ipad, Iphone, Itouch, Idevices:
Learn how to backup your favorite devices.  Learn how to transfer to a new system, or get more use out of your handheld.
Useful apps / how to put slideshows and home movies / Upgrades and more!

Apple / Windows / Laptop / Desktop
Backup, memory upgrades, harddrive upgrades, installations of all kinds

Currently we offer little to no inventory.
We order online with 3 day delivery and can guide you with purchases.
Products can range from usb sticks to computer labs custom fit for your needs.

Make your computer work for you!